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Polar Training Scholarship

is a unique opportunity for one deserving outdoor-minded individual to join Eric Larsen’s Level 1 Polar Training course on Lake Winnipeg in Canada in January 2018, free of charge. All necessary gear, equipment, travel costs, and course fees will be provided to the scholarship recipient.

The Goal

What We're Doing.

We’re giving the gift of cold (and warmth) to one deserving person. The goal of this scholarship is to provide the gear, equipment, travel costs, and course fees for Eric Larsen’s Level 1 Polar Training Course to someone who will be positively transformed by this experience. We realize that while many people are interested in participating in this type of experience, there are certain barriers (whatever they may be -- financial, perceived abilities, timing, etc.) that can often seem insurmountable. Our goal is to give someone an adventure of a lifetime, no matter what their obstacle is.

The Experience

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Do you have Shackleton dreams? Or are you simply interested in honing your winter travel skills?

Join renowned Polar Adventurer and Expedition Guide Eric Larsen for this Polar Training course (Level 1) on Lake Winnipeg is a week-long immersion into the world of winter travel and polar expeditions. Students come to Winnipeg, Canada from all over the world to learn valuable skills and techniques that will allow them to travel comfortably, safely, and efficiently in cold and snow. Special emphasis is placed on learning the necessary skills and systems required with planning their own winter adventure – whether it’s a weekend excursion or an expedition to one of the poles. Of key emphasis is staying warm in extreme cold and the specific products/gear needed.


With temperatures well below zero and conditions nearly identical to the poles, this adventure will provide a challenging, yet safe, opportunity to experience the many facets of expedition life. Details


You will learn how to navigate through icy terrain and learn essential travel techniques for expeditions. Details


In below zero conditions, knowing what to pack is essential. On this course you will have a chance to learn about equipment, clothing, and electronics. Details


Despite the seemingly inhospitable conditions, these frozen landscapes are teeming with life. You will have a chance to learn about the wildlife in these complex ecosystems. Details


Fueling up your body is a necessity on these expeditions. You will have a chance to learn about expedition nutrition, menu planning, and food preparations in a subzero climate. Details


This training course will also be a hands on experience in safety, first aid, and crisis management. Details


Based out of a remote cabin on Lake Winnipeg, this course is designed to teach the skills associated with modern-day polar travel while completing a ‘mini’ expedition on Lake Winnipeg. After spending the first three days alternating between indoor instruction and outdoor practicals, students will embark on a four-day traverse of Lake Winnipeg. With temperatures well below zero and conditions nearly identical to the poles, this adventure will provide a challenging, yet safe, opportunity to experience the many facets of expedition life.

Day 0

Arrive in Winnipeg

Jan 12

Day 1

Meet at Winnipeg, Hilton Airport Hotel. Gear check and review. Transfer to Cabin on Lake Winnipeg. Tent set up, cold weather sleeping techniques. Evening presentation: Last Race to The Pole.

Jan 13

Day 2

Cabin. Ski / harness sizing, polar ski and sled pulling techniques, camp set up, routines, stove orientation, safety and use. Navigation. Nose beaks. Evening Presentation: Polar Opposites.

Jan 14

Day 3

Cabin. Food, nutrition and food preparation. Expedition food packing. (if necessary). Navigation, logistics, daily routines, travel techniques. Evening Presentation: Cold Weather Photography.

Jan 15

Day 4

Morning Cabin / afternoon EXPEDITION TRAVEL DAY. Items to be covered: Expedition equipment overview and repair with a focus on first aid and safety, communications, and polar bears, expedition electronics, fundraising.

Jan 16

Day 5

Expedition Travel Day

Jan 17

Day 6

Expedition Travel Day

Jan 18

Day 7

Expedition Travel Day

Jan 19

Day 8

Expedition Travel Day. Return to cabin by noon. Team shuttle to Winnipeg airport hotel.

Jan 20

Day 9

Fly Home

Jan 21

TOPICS COVERED: Polar Travel Philosophy, Fitness and Training, Logistics, Navigation, Daily routines and Travel Techniques, Clothing, Equipment, Communications, Safety and First Aid, Polar Bears and Wildlife, Electronic logistics, navigation, expedition nutrition and menu planning, food preparation, safety and first aid, managing electronics, crisis management and fundraising.



If you're interested in future scholarship opportunities for Eric Larsen's 2019 Polar Training Course, please leave your name & email below. We'll contact you when the application period opens in Spring 2018.

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