Tracker: 21 Apr 2014 12:24 GMT
Latitude: 86.437 | Longitude: -59.778
Dist To Pole: 213.9 Nautical Miles / 246.4 Miles / 396.2 Kilometers
April 20th, 2014
It was another windy day on thee ice - and cold too - although the later is fairly obvious. I hadn't known it was Easter, or Sunday for that matter until Maria texted me via the DeLorme inReach that her and Merritt were playing outside. Not to get too personal (yeah I know probably too late for...
April 19th, 2014
On one hand the spindrift that blows on newly formed leads ids a good thing. It acts a little like cement freezing to the salty ice and firming it (ever so slightly) up. On the other hand, it can also cover small cracks as well as the color and texture of ice that help us determine if ice is 'safe'. Safe...